Grip Puppies, mmmm delicious…

Well, 12000 miles later I decided I wanted a little less vibration in my throttle hand and mostly in my thumb.

I keep the Throttle Bodies pretty well synced to keep the vibes as low as I can get them. (A PC-III might further reduce it). All and all it’s not that bad, but after my 1300 mile day my thumb vibrated for a while.

Grip Puppies are a spongy over-grip that gives you about a 1/4 inch of cushion on your grips. They are cheap too, from California Sport Touring Click.

Installation is pretty simple, provided you use a couple tips/tricks. Especially compressed air.


IMG 0135


IMG 0137

Use a little lubricant on the inside of the grips (Windex works great). That and a little compressed air and the slide right on.

IMG 0138

On the throttle side I had to cut about a 1/4 inch off. Full length pushed the rubber grip into the controls on the left and made the throttle bind a bit. If I pulled it off the controls it bound on the throttlemeister.


IMG 0142

I just trimmed it a bit. The cut off part is on the throttlemeister to show how much I removed. This worked out well.