First Real 17c Shakedown.

July 21, 2013 Results:


(Other competitors names blurred to protect the innocent, but let’s just say I know 2 of them pretty well and they are very very good shooters.   I don’t know the guy who was A4)

Seriously though, it was a good outing, even though I blew it on Stage 2.   But as someone once told me; “A Win is a Win”.  Smile

It was also the 2nd fastest non-rimfire time for the evening.   Beaten only by Sean, who’s not human so he doesn’t count.

This is my poor man’s 9mm Open/Unlimited gun:


  • Glock 17c (compensated), factory ported barrel.
  • Trigger mods (polishing, connector, lightened striker + springs, 11lb recoil spring, more polishing).
  • C-More STS 7MOA, plus lever so that you don’t grab the C-More to rack the slide.  C-More is currently mounted in the rear site dove tail with the standard adapter.
  • Not shown: Extended Magazine Release (catch).

Last week did not go so well, as I had forgotten to add the extended magazine release, and reloads were neigh impossible at speed.

Is the 17[c] part significant?  I don’t think so.  It certainly makes more noise but I’m not convinced it shoots any flatter than my non c 17, and certainly not any flatter than my 34.

But it sure is fun.

If you’re interested in shooting steel.  Friday Night Steel is a great place to start.   Very laid back and noob friendly.