FPV, Let the games begin

FPV (First Person View)

It’s all JD’s fault, he dragged me into this.   As mentioned in a previous post he jumped into the deep end of the pool by purchasing a Team Blacksheep Discovery Pro frame.   This frame is sweet, and includes a 2 Axis Gimbal built into the front of the frame.

Initially he just opted for the frame, we built that, he test flew it, but we didn’t hook up the Gimbal.   He finally plugged it in but the roll motor was DOA.

Last weekend he was supposed to come fly with me but tore into it, ran into some soldering trouble, then crashed it during a test flight.   I asked him to give it to me, I’d put it back together and get his gimbal back in business.    I exchanged a few emails with TBS and the are sending us a motor.  I should have that Monday.

In the mean time, JD picked up the TBS / FatShark FPV system.     I told him I’d install that for him while I was fixing/cleaning up his other mess.

Still waiting for the Gimbal motor, I decided to go ahead and install the aforementioned FPV goodness.

All and all it was pretty straight forward once I got the camera mount and cables.  JD had the pieces, he just neglected to give them to me.

I did manufacture a bracket for the video transmitter.  It’s a tad ghetto but it will do the trick.

The results are amazing.   I took me quite a while to get my controller set up.  Previous to today I had 0 experience with Naza flight controllers.  It took some time, research and I can’t wait to test fly this tomorrow.


This is going to be so much fun.

This is a really nice quad copter.


Proof video is working, and other shots of how things are assembled.

JD_DiscoPro_007 JD_DiscoPro_005JD_DiscoPro_006