So it is the [N]o [F]un [L]eague after all.

Wow, the n-ef-el clamped down on a church for planning a, oh wait we can’t say it, but a party to watch the two top teams in the league slug it out for the pointy trophy with a football on top of it.

First they objected the the fact that the church was going to charge for this “party”. Of course they need to cover their costs, costs for pop/food, and cleanup and stuff. But they couldn’t do that.

Oh they also couldn’t use the phrase that rhymes with stupid bowl in their advertisement for the party.

No worries they agreed not too.

Still yet after the church agreed, they still said no because they were going to project it.


They complained about ratings and what not. But excuse me, if I’m on the Nielsen panel, and I go to a church to watch the game, I’m probably going to indicate that.

So if you have a TV larger than 55 inches, and you know who you are, if you watch this game on it you’re an ‘Out Law’

Check the story here.

Oh my this is dumb.