Chase Harper Millennium Leather Tank Bag For Sale Sold


What we have here is a very nice ‘leather’ Chase Harper Millennium tank bag. Retails for $229.95 on the Chase Harper site, which means street price is somewhere around $179 or so.

I purchased this a couple years ago for the ZX11 but didn’t like how it fit. It’s a magnetic tank bag with sheep goodness to protect your tank. It can be strapped on too with it’s 87 way strapping system and hookups (most are included I do believe).

It is leather, has a aux leather case thingy for sunglasses, change, wallet or what not. The map compartment is two sided and reversible. It’s expandable and has two compartments. (I don’t know if I can find the rain cover).

Why aren’t you keeping it? I’m a very active person on the bike, I like to be able to get into my tank bag while riding to get some candy or what not. This thing is sealed up tight, and not easy to get into while riding. I have never used it, I bought it used, didn’t like the way it sat on the ZX11 and it’s sat in my barn. I cleaned it up a little, it’s dirty and dusty.

I have the original purchasers receipt, he paid $175 for it in 01, I don’t think he used it much if at all. I paid $100 if I recall correctly.

I’m thinking $80 US shipped to somewhere in the contiguous 48 states in the cheapest possible way I can ship it (probably UPS, maybe USPS).

If interested email matt(at)

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Update: Sold