Honda Snow Blower for Sale. [Model HS1132]

NOTE: This snowblower is SOLD and has been for a while.

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Allrighty, we have a snow blower. Actually my dad has a snow blower that we have been ‘storing’ for him. Personally I’ve used it twice, and I think he only used it a couple times. Outside of being a little dirty from storage, it’s like new.

My dad went from this to a decent yard tractor with a blade. Their driveway is simply too long, and too gravely to fuss with a snow blower.

In our case, our driveway is completely flat, and to be honest, we don’t shovel snow. We have 4 wheel drive vehicles and we just run it over and pack it down.

Stats for this blower are:


*Exclusive Honda Overhead Valve Engine
*Automatic Decompression
*Track Drive
*Adjustable Snow Deflection
*Inter-Connected Drive/Auger
Control Levers
*Metal Auger Housing
*Auger Height Adjustment Pedal
*Easy Access Control Panel
*Optional Drift Breaker Kit
*Fuel Level Gauge (HS1132TAS)


*337cc 11HP Overhead Valve, Single Cylinder Air-Cooled Engine
*Dual Track Drive
*Two Stage Auger/Impeller System
*Hydrostatic, Infinitely Variable Drive Mechanism
*210 Degree Chute Turning Radius
*56 Foot Maximum Discharge Distance
*32 Inch Clearing Width
*20.1 Inch Clearing Height
*2570 Pounds Per Minute Maximum Snow Discharge
*Recoil Start (HS1132TA)
*120V Electric Start (HS1132TAS)
*1.7 Gallon Fuel Tank
*2.5 Hour Running Time Per Tank
*Dimensions (LxWxH) 60.0″ x 32.0″ x 40.0″
*264 lb Dry Weight (HS1132TA)
*268 lb Dry Weight (HS1132TAS)

Here’s the unit on Honda’s site

It currently lists for $2665.00, but obviously we’re not selling it for that. If you need a snow blower, this is an excellent unit. After all it’s a Honda. It has tracks vs. tires so it will go in the snow. Hydrostatic and self propelled. All you have to do is guide it.

This thing is “perfect” for a landscaper who has to blow snow from walkways. Interested parties should email me: matt (at)

We’re in the northern part of Cincinnati and would consider delivering it locally. First $1500 takes it. Get it before it snows and it IS going to snow.