Photos From The Family Christmas (2011)

Matthew was all about Santa.

Santa and Mrs. Clause read the children a book.  Something about trying to outsource labor and replace the elves.   They tried dragons, they tried polar bears and other workers but it just didn’t work out.

Not real sure what the moral of the story was.

We all sang Jingle Bells with Santa, then Matthew wanted to sing a song…

Of course his favorite Christmas song was “Bad Boys, Bad Boys, whatcah gonna do”

Everyone was there except for my slacker Canadian cousins 🙂

Peyton and Matthew learning about Santa’s magical keys.

And of course gifts.

All of the photos can be found here.

2006 Christmas Recap.

Whew, it’s over! 3 solid days of people.

All in all though, the Christmas of 2006 will go down as one of the best I think.

Lots of Christmas photos are online in the Google Gallery.

I think everyone got what they asked for and/or needed. C and I scored a new TV, she scored a new Saddle, and I a PS3. ?

The kids all made out like bandits (as usual), and Maria got her sticker maker and lava lamp.

There’s nothing better than the look on a child’s face when they open gifts, especially those they aren’t expecting for whatever reason.

At times our kids definitely deserved lumps of coal so you never really know what Santa will bring.

Reflecting upon this year, I’m working on a complete survival guide for next year to make it even better.
We’ll cover topics such as;

  • Why you need a Santa Clause
  • Sickness etiquette.
  • To gift or not to gift.
  • The art of re-gifting.
  • The number of necessary Christmas Parties.
  • How to keep other kids from opening your presents.
  • How to say; “Merry Christmas??? and sound believable.
  • How to keep a gift free party, gift free.
    and much, much more.