Sciatic nerve, what a pain in the butt…

During my MD2020 ride, towards then end of our 1300 mile ride, I was in agony.

Now in the past, I’ve ridden more miles than we did. I’ve done a couple saddle sore rides, all of which took some riding to get to to get started and to get home. More miles in the same amount of time.

My past experience with longer rides normally goes like this:

About 300 miles or 6 hours in, my buns get tired and sore.
About 400 miles or 8 hours in, my buns kinda hurt.
At about 500 miles, my buns are just numb, but not painful, either that or I just don’t care anymore.

I’ve done a lot of miles on the ZX11 on the stock seat, then on a much better Corbin saddle. On the FJR, I’ve done a couple long trips, one to NH, and a bunch of miles to the EOM meet, riding during the meet, and back home, all of them on the stock seat. I have an Air Hawk to get a little comfort now and then but it was more for a change of pace, it’s not the end all – be all answer for me. But it made things a little tolerable.

Now back to the agony part.

During our last 200 miles, I was hating life. I have (3) leg positions on the bike. The standard pegs, the passenger pegs (which I use from time to time), and the newly installed highway pegs just for this trip cause I knew there’d be some time my legs would get tired.

During that last 200 miles I was constantly switching looking for some relief. I’d change pegs then in less than 5 minutes the agony and pain would be back. I could feel it down my leg, and in the end my feet were throbbing. This wasn’t good. I described it to Kyle and he said, my sciatic nerve(s) ware being irritated. He gets that sometimes from sitting in a car too long.

Man that sucked.

We made it back but I could not have ridden another 100 miles, no way, no how. All other aspects of my body were fine. I wasn’t that tired, and my back, neck and shoulders were good, which usually they cause me some pain.

The ride home was long, but we stopped about every 100 miles for either gas, or a bathroom break and that helped break it up. Even so, when I got home my rear was in bad bad shape. It’s hard to describe this pain, it wasn’t a saddle sore type of pain, no, it wasn’t plain soreness. This was agony from the inside out. I could feel it down the back of my legs, but at least my feet didn’t hurt.

After some digging on the net, and talking to a guy at work I decided to go for some massage therapy.

The lady worked on my gluts and thighs. She said I was unbelievably tight. But I think I got some relief. Actually, I was very sore the next day. But I felt like her poking, pushing and prodding did me some good, I think.

Sunday I went on the BMW ride, not a lot of miles about 250 round trip, but towards the end it was all I could do to ride home. I’m still aching as I write this.

Don’t know what the solution is, more than likely a new/better seat. Something that provides more support.

I even took some ibuprofen last night, which in the past has broke me out in hives, but I needed some relief.

I go back to the massage therapist tomorrow and I’ll have her work the area again. But I’m weary about riding for a while. The bike is calling me, but I’m scared 🙁

If you have any sure fire relief for sciatic pain, please post a comment cause at this point I’m willing to try just about anything. It’s not sciatica, because it doesn’t start at the base of my spine, it starts in the middle of my buttocks, and runs down the back of my legs. I have no back pain, none, only a burning stabbing pain in my gluts down my legs. Or maybe it is back related and I just don’t know it or can’t relate my pain to my back? In any event some time off the bike is in order until I get this figured out.

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FJR Eastern Owners Meet Boone, NC

Wow, what fun.

Boone 01

There’s little better in life than spending a weekend doing what you really enjoy with a bunch of other people doing the same.

Boone 02

Last weekend was a medium to large (depending on how you want to look at it) get together of owners of the same bike that I have. The Yamaha FJR 1300, sport-touring motorcycle or “super sport-touring??? as Yamaha marketing would have you believe.

The get together was in Boone, N.C. simply a wonderful place for riding. The roads were delicious.

For those that don’t understand what sport-touring is and think we all ride one of those dang crotch rockets, you’re only half right. You see those dang crotch rockets do a couple things really well. The go fast in a straight line, and they corner very, very well. The problem is, you can’t ride them very long. The slumped over the tank riding position isn’t conducive to ride from say Cincinnati to oh, Boone, N.C. and be able to walk when you get there.

A true touring bike like oh, say a GoldWing is much more comfortable. It has all the creature comforts of your lazy boy at home. In fact it’s a lot like riding a lazy boy, and they handle about as well too. (OK, so there are some guys out there than can flop those things around pretty good, but for the most part, that’s the reality).

Sport-touring is the in-between; it’s some sport-with some comfort too. We typically ride to where we’re going. So when we get there we want to be able to walk. But we want to enjoy the roads and have fun too.

The FJR is pretty good at this.

Boone 03

My trip started Thursday morning, though not as early as the guy I was meeting. Kevin’s day started at 5:00am CST. Coming from Birmingham Alabama, Kevin was aiming to do an Iron Butt, Saddle Sore ride. (1000 miles in 24 hours.) Since Birmingham isn’t 1000 miles away from Boone, that led to a rather interesting route.

I met Kevin in Frankfort, KY, about ½ way through is adventure and we slabbed it on down to Boone, N.C. from there.

I was supposed to meet him at noon, even though I knew he wouldn’t be there until 1pm, and he wasn’t there until almost 2pm. Fact: Streets and Trips doesn’t lie.

We arrived in Boone, N.C. at 1am EST. It was a long ride of boring interstate, except for I-40, that’s not boring interstate, and the evening really livened up when the fog rolled in. (Yippee).

The next 2 and days were spent surrounded by great folks, great food, and outstanding roads.

There were folks from all over, as far north as Canada eh?, as far west as Texas, and as far south as Florida.

All in all I added a little over 2000 miles to the FJR this weekend and except for the initial 600 miles the rest were in twisties or secondary highways. It was all good, even the ride home.

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