Bengals 3-2 after horrible loss in Tampa

Horrible doesn’t even describe it.

How does one get a roughing the passer call while sacking the quarterback the way Justin Smith got that call? Sad, sad I say….

That pretty much did them in, however the Bengals brought this loss on themselves. They played a very hungry 0-4 team and they did not look like a team that just got their buts whipped and had a bye week to think about it.


The offense was pathetic. How many false starts and bad penalties? 10? A season high? The Bengals shot themselves in the foot so many times it wasn’t funny. After the whipping the Steelers put on KC yesterday, it means they may not be the division gems we all thought they were.

It’s time for you to show us something Marvin. Show us that you haven’t lost it. Show us Carson that you haven’t lost a step, that you can hold on to the ball and make a play. Some of your passes looked like Kitna passes yesterday.

Help me, I’m having flashbacks.