Bengals going backwards 4-3 as Atlanta takes them in a shoot out.

I’m not a professional sports coordinator, but the Falcons didn’t do much different this week than they did last week. How Crumpler could be so wide open is beyond me.

(pull)I know the Bengals offensive line has ISSUES, but with the weapons we have, you have to adjust.(/pull) Change some plays so that they aren’t the same telegraphed screens and quick outs to the running backs that get us zero yards.

Those don’t seem to be keeping the defenses honest or taking any pressure of Carson. When a team can rush three and still sack the quarterback and force a fumble, that’s pretty sad. Once again Carson spent too much time on the ground.

Rudy again had some reasonable gains, but there isn’t enough consistency there to keep a defense honest either.

The Bengals have talent, but they aren’t using it effectively. Again, I know the line is beat up. It’s almost non-existent. That seems to happen in the NFL when you dump a lot of money in something does it not? You also can’t give teams two years to look at the same stuff. You need to change up and improve.

Are other teams catching on? I think so.

Come on Marvin, after the way Atlanta played in against Pittsburgh you should have expected nothing less. In fact what you got today was no different, not at all.

Bengals 4-2 after unimpressive victory over Panthers

But hey, a win is a win, and Chad got his plays in.

The Bengals skated by 17 – 14. They again came out strong, going 3 and out on their first 4 possessions and looked horrible in the first half. Amah Brooks is for real. He’s a monster, no doubt about it. As he settles in he’s certainly going to be a force.

The anemic offense did march down the field with some help from the Jaguars and the men in stripes, and they did make a few key plays when the needed to.

I really wish they didn’t leave us hanging the first half of every game.

Giving credit where credit is due, the defense played pretty well, as did dare I say it, Rudy.

Given the points the Atlanta put up today against the Stealers, next week should be a shoot out. I haven’t yet read what knocked Big Jen out of the game.

But I’m still concerned for our offense, more so than the defense.


But Chad’s catch on 4th down, well, that’s the Bengals I’m looking for.

Bengals 3-0 in the pre-season


3-0 Three and Oh. Yeah, it’s still the pre-season and all but all three wins have been pretty impressive. Well, win #3 the Bengal’s looked about as good as Bret Farve looked bad.

But Carson is back and he’s for real and it’s better than where Pittsburg sits, which is 0-3.
Chad has been put on ice, this pre-season. I suspect their giving him a little attitude adjustment, helping him grow up just a little bit.

Rudy, however has not impressed, he’s clearly a north – south runner and hasn’t put to many yards down. He needs a few moves. Is it him, or the line? I don’t think it’s the line. Some of the younger guys look good, real good.

How big would a 4-0 preseason be? HUGE, given the schedule they face this year. Unbelievably big, the one’s that say “It’s only pre-season, are the ones with 2-2 or losing records???. It would be HUGE for the Bengals, period. To put Indianapolis in their place would be big, very, very big. It would set a tone in the league.

Here’s to next Friday, let’s see what they’ve got.