Is there no justice…

All I can say is WOW! She’s not getting charged… I previously wrote how this really bothered me here.

It was all over talk radio today.

I ‘get’ that she has to live with this the rest of her life.

But this lady… Put her 2 year old in the car, and then ‘forgot’? So this lame duck prosecutor says this doesn’t make the grade for ‘Child Endangering’, it is clearly negligent.

I *knew* as soon as I read that she drove a Mercedes that no charges would be filed. This is absolutely crazy.

“While he believes Nesselroad-Slaby’s actions were a substantial lapse of due care, White said, they didn’t rise to the level of recklessness.”

Isn’t that the grand jury’s job to decide?

You ‘forget’ where you put your keys, you don’t ‘forget’ where you put a 2 year old, when they are strapped into a car seat on a 95+ degree day.

She even went back out to the car to get donuts…

“Usually, “she dropped the child off (at 7 a.m.) before she went to school,” Croswell said. “She started to go to the baby-sitter but realized at 6:30 a.m. that she would be a half-hour early.”

Nesselroad-Slaby “turned around and went to pick up the doughnuts and focused on her school projects and became distracted and forgot she had not yet dropped the child off,” Croswell said.”

So she ‘forgot’ to drop the child off? How do you do that? I’d tell you how, but this is a family oriented blog. I would bet good money that if you checked her cell phone she probably used it on the way to work. It’s people that like this that scare the hell out of me when I ride my motorcycle.

She was focused on her donuts and school projects…

Accidents happen, I get that, but this accident killed someone.

Dinkel gets 60 days in jail


Imagine the following:

A 51 year old male, stalking and raping a 15 year old girl… What do you think the sentence would be? 60 days?

Highly unlikely. I would bet that they wouldn’t walk out of the court room to ‘spend their 60 days sometime before the end of the year’.

The kids mom said she would text him 20 times in an hour and threaten to pick him up and pull him out of school.

What ?!?!?!

Let’s be serious for a second.

Take a teenage boy with raging hormones in a party scenario, with the opportunity to be seduced by hot older woman and something’s probably going to happen ‘once’. Maybe twice if things are as described, but have you looked at her? She’s not anywhere near the realm of ‘Hot’

Looking at the facts of this case that are public she crossed many lines that are seriously over the top. 60 days for her? Ridiculous…

Dinkle is a sick puppy, no doubt about that. But I find her sentence appalling. That judge and prosecutor are clowns. I seriously hope he’s not reelected.

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