Bengals back to .500, Chad with another big day.


Already the sports casters on the radio are touting how good the Bengals looked today. Hrm.

10-3 going into the 4th quarter, and most of that was pretty lucky.


It’s pretty amazing that you can give up 601 yards, (510 in the air and 91 on the ground, yet hold an opponent to 16 points, and win the game).

Obviously timely turnovers were HUGE. Without them this game would have been a lot rougher.

But a win is a win. Yeah, they have a lot of starters out, but the D played the run pretty good all in all. They couldn’t stop the pass to save their lives though.

Cleveland next week, should be a win, but based upon the past couple weeks let’s not count that chicken just yet. Cleveland has been in a lot of games and found a way to lose. Hopefully they will continue that trend. A loss next week to Cleveland would be devastating.