Bengals 2-0

Bengals 34, Browns 17

Of course I’m a nay sayer at times. While the Bengals did put up 34 points, they gave up 17 to a completely inept offense. For the most part the defense looked stellar, and the offense sputtered a bit.

It doesn’t show in the numbers, and a W is a W, so I’m happy, but…

For all intents and purposes the Bengals did man-handle the Browns, it never really was a game. They suffered some injuries, some key injuries to Pollack, Braham, and Jackson, all not good, and Sir Chad bruised his shoulder but continued to play.

The Bengals are for real, the next two weeks in my opinion will define the season.

At Pittsburgh and New England at Home. If the Bengals are 4-0 going into the Bye week, they will be 2-0 in the division and that will be HUGE.