Zed is sold again…

Well it’s sold after all. AS-IS. (See previous)

I’m going to trailer it to the guys house tomorrow. He’s taking it as0is, not running the way it *should*, but it’s been appropriately discounted.

I could either spend time and $ fixing it, both of which are in short supply, or let it go and save the guy a few hundred that he can put towards getting it running right. I left it up to him and he decided to go for it.

So along with the bike he gets:

  • Origian screen plus speed screen
  • 6 extra oil filters
  • Extra set of carbs (plus miscelaneous vacuum hoses)
  • Extra Dash that I had picked up on ebay just to get the rubber grommets
  • Shop manual.

It’s all good but I’m going to miss that bike 🙁

Update: It was picked up tonight. Loaded in the back of a pickup truck and strapped down the most ridiculous way. They didn’t want my advice on how to strap it. They guys’s that was transporting it is a ‘stunta’ so obviously he knows what he’s doing. (that was sarcasm in case you didn’t get that).

If he makes it more than 10 miles down the road with out the bike falling in the back of the truck or breaking the side stand I’ll be impressed. Good thing he signed the bill of sale, AS-IS-WHERE-IS.

What ever happens to it now, aint on me. I sincerely hope that the buyer invests in a helmet and some gear. He seemed like a nice guy, and I really don’t want to read about him in the paper.