Family Photos

We took advantage of the good weather today and hit Sharon Woods for some family photos.   Of course everyone got along and nobody died so it was successful Winking smile   Kind of a family, engagement photos for Maggie, and senior photos for Molly.






Kids and the Nikon D3

I’m very fortunate to have a boss who’s a photo fanatic. He’s also much quicker to drop the coin on new gear than I. He shoots some sport photography (hockey) and some nature stuff too. He’s gotten pretty good. The sports stuff can be fairly demanding. Getting good action shots in low light conditions usually means big fast lenses and cranking up the ISO. Something that always adds to the grain and noise in digital photos.

When the new Nikons came out, it didn’t surprise me that he’s be right there with a new rig. I was fortunate enough to borrow his D3 this weekend to do some last minute candid shooting at a worship service and teaching seminar at my in-laws church. This was a perfect place to show off this camera’s low-light, high-iso, with little noise capabilities.

I went into this a little blind. Nobody knew what was going on, and I had exactly ZERO experience with this camera. I have no doubt with a little practice the D3 could have been used better.

Note all of these photos were handheld, no flash, and the church was less than ideal light wise.

While I had the camera for the above assignment, I took the opportunity to shoot some portraits of the kids. Natural lighting, in our living room which leaves much to be desired, it’s not the ideal place to do it but it was far too cold outside. A little fill flash added as needed.

The rest of the photos can be found here: Picasa Web Album

This camera is pretty sweet, and I have a birthday coming up (hint-hint).


Another one bites the dust, or will soon…

Shortly after cleaning up this mess.

I turn around to see this:

IMG 0019

This is a rather LARGE Catalpa tree, split down the middle with another 60 feet of it hanging over the driveway…

IMG 0020

I don’t think it will hit the barn when it falls… I don’t have the equipment to get that high and start topping it off, so we’re going to wait. I expect the next storm will bring it down.

These photos certainly don’t do it justice, this is a BIG tree… I’m going to miss the two biggest trees along our driveway.

Time to plant some thing new, something fast growing I suppose, and I’m going to need a bigger chain saw…