Everett Moore comes to visit.

Low and behold, out of the blue, our old neighbor Everett stopped by for a visit today.

He used to live across the street and his life long goal in life was to own an ecstacy trike. I remember years ago when I first met Everett, he had a photo of one in his barn. Now, this type of trike isn’t my pick, but there is some logic here.

After Everett’s wife died, he moved to Florida, got all set up and eventually picked up a Goldwing trike. It was the bee’s knees. The problem though as Everett would explain it is that it will nickel and dime you to death. The starter went out and it was $800 to get that fixed. You’re dependent on a Honda dealer (although they are just about everywhere). But the cost of anything repair wise for one of the big jap bikes is just too much.

With this trike, it’s a Chevy V6, gets better gas mileage than the wing trike, and if he needs a part, it’s off to the local auto parts store. A starter for this is $65 dollars and it’s not a major surgical procedure to put it on.

Ok, so some of that makes sense.

Anyway, he’s in great shape, looks good and is happy as can be. It was good to see him again. He took all of the kids (including me) for a ride. Then we went to dinner.

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