So it is the [N]o [F]un [L]eague after all.

Wow, the n-ef-el clamped down on a church for planning a, oh wait we can’t say it, but a party to watch the two top teams in the league slug it out for the pointy trophy with a football on top of it.

First they objected the the fact that the church was going to charge for this “party”. Of course they need to cover their costs, costs for pop/food, and cleanup and stuff. But they couldn’t do that.

Oh they also couldn’t use the phrase that rhymes with stupid bowl in their advertisement for the party.

No worries they agreed not too.

Still yet after the church agreed, they still said no because they were going to project it.


They complained about ratings and what not. But excuse me, if I’m on the Nielsen panel, and I go to a church to watch the game, I’m probably going to indicate that.

So if you have a TV larger than 55 inches, and you know who you are, if you watch this game on it you’re an ‘Out Law’

Check the story here.

Oh my this is dumb.

Bengals STINK it up on Monday night football!

Wow!, no I really mean Wow!

Now, mind you I didn’t really expect them to win. Certainly I wanted, and hoped they would but I didn’t really expect it. I didn’t expect them to be so embarrassing. This is just the ticket to get the Bengals more prime time games let me tell you.

Chad Dropped 2 balls, Chris Henry is a piece of work, he didn’t eve reach for 3 balls that were catch-able, and even T.J. Who’sYourMamma dropped at least one. Although I give T.J. a lot of credit, he didn’t quit. I think Chad quit, and I don’t think C. Henry ever got started.

Joe Theisman is an idiot. I don’t know if you heard his comments or paid any attention to them. In the beginning of the show he said; “The colts run defense is ranked 32nd in the NFL, the only reason they aren’t ranked lower is because there aren’t 39 teams in the league”. So for a Defense that had given up 550 yards running in the last two games, you’d want to run the ball against them no? Later he said; “The Bengals game plan was fatally flawed, they tried to run from the start and you can’t do that against this team”. What an idiot.

Now as soon as you get behind as the Bengals did, which was exactly what they could not afford to do, they still ran the ball more than they should and didn’t get the results.

Rudi, isn’t all that folks, he never has been. If the line isn’t doing all the work and pushing the D around, Rudi gets nothing. He doesn’t have a move to save his life. When our O-line is as busted up as it was, we needed him (or someone) in the backfield keeping Carson from getting killed.

The Bengals won’t make the playoffs this year (as if that’s a big surprise at this point) bu write it down. My post season schedule has just opened up.

I hope this is the gateway to better things. Marvin you know who your players are and who the guys are that are just along for the ride. It’s time to cut them lose, and dare I say that might include your defensive coordinator too.

The last 3 weeks the defense has been extremely over-rated, they have only been successful because of who they’ve played. Put a decent team on the field and they are done.

The D stands for Dismal?

As Mark reports the Bengals defense has dropped to LAST in the NFL.

By allowing 595 yards, (601) by my math, they are now, or once again, the worst Defense in the NFL.

Here’s a few other D words that are appropriate: depressing, disheartening, doleful, despondent.

How about just plain Horrible?

Don’t worry though, because according to Marvin, they did OK, they executed well and followed the plan. There are just a few things that need work.

Forget the injuries, forget the fill-ins and the fact that 5 starters on Defense didn’t start. I’m not convinced that even with those players on the field the Bengals D wouldn’t be near the bottom.


Bengals going backwards 4-3 as Atlanta takes them in a shoot out.

I’m not a professional sports coordinator, but the Falcons didn’t do much different this week than they did last week. How Crumpler could be so wide open is beyond me.

(pull)I know the Bengals offensive line has ISSUES, but with the weapons we have, you have to adjust.(/pull) Change some plays so that they aren’t the same telegraphed screens and quick outs to the running backs that get us zero yards.

Those don’t seem to be keeping the defenses honest or taking any pressure of Carson. When a team can rush three and still sack the quarterback and force a fumble, that’s pretty sad. Once again Carson spent too much time on the ground.

Rudy again had some reasonable gains, but there isn’t enough consistency there to keep a defense honest either.

The Bengals have talent, but they aren’t using it effectively. Again, I know the line is beat up. It’s almost non-existent. That seems to happen in the NFL when you dump a lot of money in something does it not? You also can’t give teams two years to look at the same stuff. You need to change up and improve.

Are other teams catching on? I think so.

Come on Marvin, after the way Atlanta played in against Pittsburgh you should have expected nothing less. In fact what you got today was no different, not at all.