You’ve got to be kidding me.

“Bengals Put Ugly Loss In Past?” She here.

Which ugly loss would that be? The one in Tampa? Indy?

No team with 7 losses should ever make the playoffs, that should be a man rule. Yeah, yeah, any team can beat any other team on any given Sunday. But when you stink it up like the Bengals did, they should just be automatically disqualified.

I cannot understand how any team, especially the Bengals, for whom we have such high expectations could come out on Monday Night Football and lay such an egg.

It was Prime-Time and the game meant so much to the season. Chris Henry is a piece of work, even Chad dropped balls that were catchable and ‘must-catches.

The O-Line? We don’t have one. Yes injuries abound, but c’mon. This is the NFL, step up, earn your pay. Rudi broke one run, ONE, and a hell of a run it was, but he was caught for little or no-gain and ran over someone. That’s not his style, that was a fluke.

Rudy doesn’t run, or punish people the way Corey did, he has about as many juke moves as the ottoman that I rest my feet on. If the line aint working he isn’t going to make anyone miss or picking up anything extra.

The press, and Bengaldom still has ‘hope’. No, no, this team is not that good. The 8 arrests have nothing to do with it either. We have some star players, but they are being dragged down by less than mediocre play across the board.

I’m looking for wholesale changes on the D side next year, and a significant portion of the O needs to be gutted too.