Moes Southwest Grill vs Chipotle

moes150 VS. Chipotle150

It’s no secret that we love Chipotle, heck who doesn’t.

We’re certainly open to new and exciting options, heck Chipotle is always busy. A co-worker told me about Moe’s. His descriptions went something like this: “It’s like Chipotle, only better. Everything is milder, and there are more options. They have a salsa bar and give you free chips too.???

Well I’m in the camp that Chipotle is as spicy as you let them make it. Their mild salsa is tasty but isn’t spicy at all. I love spicy, I love their HOT stuff, I just can’t eat it anymore. I can’t handle what it does to me. But that’s beside the point.

I know my mother in law thinks Chipotle is spicy too, don’t know how or why but she does. So when we had the opportunity to go out today I thought we’d try Moe’s

I heard it was milder, and figured what they hey.

Let me tell you, it’s milder all right, so mild it’s almost tasteless. At Chipotle, one of the beautiful things is you see them cooking the chicken, and steak behind the assembly line as well as sautéing the peppers and opinions, etc. At Chipotle, the chicken is seasoned, and flavorful, and it’s clearly chicken, the steak, is steak.

At Moe’s, the chicken, well, its mush, it’s barely distinguishable from chicken of the sea out of a can. When was this cooked? Is it really chicken? At Chipotle, its pieces of chicken and you can watch them slice it up. The Chicken at Moe’s kind of looks like it’s been through a blender so you can’t tell what it is.

I had a burrito bowl; I looked at the chicken, couldn’t recognize it as chicken and opted for the steak. That too was a mistake. I think they get the parts that Chipotle tosses aside. Rice, black beans, sour-cream, cheese, salsa, all the fixings I’d get at Chipotle. It looked comparable.

I got chips too. In the back you can see big plastic containers full of chips. The same plastic containers we keep clothes in under the bed. I don’t know if they make their chips like Chipotle does. But they don’t put lime on them, nor does it appear salt. I figured, they have a salsa bar, so that might make up for it. I do know Chipotle has been getting a little cheap on the salsa with chips lately at least the last couple times I’ve been there.

I gathered a couple cups of salsa from the salsa bar, their gold standard, and the green salsa. Both were weak. Mild is even too strong a word. I could have just smooshed a tomato on the chips and that would have added more salsa flavor if you ask me.

Thier medium and hot sauces…  No…  Not good either.

The Burrito bowl? No good.

Moe does not know burritos. My wife ordered hers fajita style, yet got no peppers or onions. What?

Moe’s Blows, Moe’s does not know burritos. Moe’s does not know flavor nor value, Chipotle forever, Moe’s Never.