CGA 2006 Level 5 Mock Meet

It’s that time of year again. Time for the gymnasts to warm up and demonstrate their skills. CGA puts together a Mock Meet, a mini-meet where the girls go through the motions. They invite (pay) real judges to come and score the girls so that the coaches have a feeling for where the girls stand before the actual meet season starts.

That day was yesterday.


I have posted the photos that I too online in my/out Google Web Album space.

I broke the photos out into two galleries.

(1) Mock-Meet General Photos, which is a non-specific lump of photos that are not Molly centric. If I took a photo of your daughter, you’ll find it in here. Nearly all of the photos are of girls in my daughters rotation, though I did snap a few candids here and there as well as a couple of other girls who were still doing their thing when Molly’s rotation was sitting.

(2) Molly – Mock-Meet , this lump of photos is Molly specific.

DSC 4501

The photos are what they are. Not nearly as good as I would have hoped to turn out. Essentially I had a very bad ‘photographer’ day. Every location I started to take photos from had some sort of issue to deal with, from the #$%@ balloons at the judges table, to people opening the rear door and letting significant light in (It was very, very bright outside) too simply being too close for the lens that I had and having an over head light be right behind the girls to mess with the meter readings. In any event, the photos are posted, most are still very enjoyable.

You can download fairly high resolution images from Picasa Web/Google. If there is a specific photo that you want the original HighRes photo for just let us know, simply email Claudine or me and we’ll get it to you one way or another.