Matthew, golfing at the diamond in the rough.

Forest Hills #4

Matthew and I, both fighting illness and on the back end of getting rid of strep and/or bronchitis.   Were bored to tears at home so we packed up our golf clubs and headed to the little Diamond In the Rough down the road.   I didn’t blog about this place last year when I found it because I wanted to keep it to myself.

I’m talking about Forest Hills Country Club.   Smack dab in the middle of Middletown, Ohio is this little 100+ year old 9-hole golf course.  It is not fancy, but it is challenging and tough.  5 par 3’s and 4 par 4’s, with two sets of Tees for each hole that makes each hole different enough to keep it interesting.  (3 of the par 3’s are 200 yards from one set of tees).   Narrow fairways and small greens.   A nice, quiet (and cheap) place to play golf that’s literally 5 minutes from our home.  We have lived here for 17 years and had no idea it existed until it showed up on GolfNow last year.

ForestHillsEarth(Overhead Google Earth of the place).

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You Gotta Start Somewhere

There comes a time in every boy’s life when it’s time to learn to cut the grass.  Matthew’s training started today.  Fortunately for him it doesn’t involve a push mower.

Unfortunately for me, this means he’s gonna be cutting the field that was the horse pasture for a while until he gets the hang of a 800lb 60 inch zero turn mower.


And that’s probably going to be a while.   But for his first time he did great!  I think he only ran into about 3 or four fence posts, even though I cut the first 8-10 feet inside the fence before he got started Smile 

The best part is, it’s still going to be fun for him for a while, and doesn’t feel like work.  Maybe I can get him to pay me to let him do it Smile

Matthew and his Remington Model 6


Matthew was given a vintage Remington Model 6 by a good friend of the family, who clearly needs a grandson ;).

Dave rescued this gun, when he picked it up it was in pieces.  He reworked the stock and had another buddy of ours sandblast it and paint it.  

The Remington Model 6 is a great ‘small’, child sized 22 rifle.  Single shot, rolling block.   You can read more about it here.

Saturday was the first opportunity, since he received it to shoot it.

We printed some targets and took it, Matthew and a box of 22LR out to the range.


“I got this Dad”.


Matthew shot surprisingly well.   Lucky?  Maybe.   For the most part he was within 3 inches of the bull at 15 yards, on paper all day.   Not bad for a 5 1/2 year old. 

He was stoked.