Bengals, Oh my…

Bengals finish 8-8, right where they belong.

Is Ratliff the absolute worst kick returner in the NFL? I think he might be.

Marvin will say “We didn’t take care of business, or we didn’t play hard enough”. I think we got all we could get with what we have.

We’ll be paying close attention to what happens in the off-season. The Bengals need a few less thugs, a few more players with heart and attitude and perhaps a kicker.


Even more ironic, is the fact that KC won and the Niners upset Denver, the two things the Bungles needed to make the playoffs.

Honestly, I’m happy with this outcome.  The Bengals would have only embarrassed us further I think had the squeeked in.  Now they have a the full off-season to plan their moves.

Bengaldom happens in Denver.

Are you surprised? It’s really sad that I wasn’t surprised at all.

In fact I picked them to lose today, 31-17 and I wasn’t that far off.

I expected they’d come out ‘flat’ in this big game like in others past and I wasn’t off by much there either. That opening pick was awesome, then the Bengals gave it right back.

It’s sad that I wasn’t even worried with they were winning at half-time because I could feel it, I knew they’d blow it.

I really didn’t expect a bad snap to be the clincher.

Both Chad and Chris Henry dropped balls, catchable balls. Henry showed a little more effort, just a little but still not enough to win.

Rudi, was Rudi, he ran harder than I expected but also coughed up the ball.

I look forward to positive changes on this team for next year. Perhaps an offensive line, and a running back would be good. A solid third receiver would be nice as well but not until we get some D.

Unfortunately the Bengals will lose again on New Years Eve and finish 8-8. Go ahead write it down. The Steelers got spanked by Baltimore today and are out for sure. They are going to be fired up.

The Bengals? I don’t think they know what that means yet.

I can’t wait to hear Marvin’s feedback this week. (We didn’t play that well, and we gave the ball away. But we played hard and a bad snap cost us the game).

How many games have the Bengals had to climb back in only to lose on a bad call, bad play or bad snap? I’m sure that’s 4 of their wins this year. This team isn’t supposed to be in that position.

The D stands for Dismal?

As Mark reports the Bengals defense has dropped to LAST in the NFL.

By allowing 595 yards, (601) by my math, they are now, or once again, the worst Defense in the NFL.

Here’s a few other D words that are appropriate: depressing, disheartening, doleful, despondent.

How about just plain Horrible?

Don’t worry though, because according to Marvin, they did OK, they executed well and followed the plan. There are just a few things that need work.

Forget the injuries, forget the fill-ins and the fact that 5 starters on Defense didn’t start. I’m not convinced that even with those players on the field the Bengals D wouldn’t be near the bottom.


Bengals going backwards 4-3 as Atlanta takes them in a shoot out.

I’m not a professional sports coordinator, but the Falcons didn’t do much different this week than they did last week. How Crumpler could be so wide open is beyond me.

(pull)I know the Bengals offensive line has ISSUES, but with the weapons we have, you have to adjust.(/pull) Change some plays so that they aren’t the same telegraphed screens and quick outs to the running backs that get us zero yards.

Those don’t seem to be keeping the defenses honest or taking any pressure of Carson. When a team can rush three and still sack the quarterback and force a fumble, that’s pretty sad. Once again Carson spent too much time on the ground.

Rudy again had some reasonable gains, but there isn’t enough consistency there to keep a defense honest either.

The Bengals have talent, but they aren’t using it effectively. Again, I know the line is beat up. It’s almost non-existent. That seems to happen in the NFL when you dump a lot of money in something does it not? You also can’t give teams two years to look at the same stuff. You need to change up and improve.

Are other teams catching on? I think so.

Come on Marvin, after the way Atlanta played in against Pittsburgh you should have expected nothing less. In fact what you got today was no different, not at all.

Bengals 3-2 after horrible loss in Tampa

Horrible doesn’t even describe it.

How does one get a roughing the passer call while sacking the quarterback the way Justin Smith got that call? Sad, sad I say….

That pretty much did them in, however the Bengals brought this loss on themselves. They played a very hungry 0-4 team and they did not look like a team that just got their buts whipped and had a bye week to think about it.


The offense was pathetic. How many false starts and bad penalties? 10? A season high? The Bengals shot themselves in the foot so many times it wasn’t funny. After the whipping the Steelers put on KC yesterday, it means they may not be the division gems we all thought they were.

It’s time for you to show us something Marvin. Show us that you haven’t lost it. Show us Carson that you haven’t lost a step, that you can hold on to the ball and make a play. Some of your passes looked like Kitna passes yesterday.

Help me, I’m having flashbacks.