I found some photos I took of Haze (formerly Hazel but since SHE turned out to be a HE the name has changed).

We started 5 Kittens, one died for no apparent reason, one got stepped on by a horse, another passed perhaps because Haze play’s kind of hard, and two decided to try and swim in the horse’s watering trough.

In any event, they were barn cats, and as Dave at work says, barn cats have a life expectancy of next to nothing, especially when they are kittens.

Haze is still hanging around though.

Cat and Kittens Gallery on Google.

Single Dad-dom the complete weekend.

Well, the weekend was successful.

No kiddies died, though we did sustain one minor injury which I had absolutely nothing to do with.

Friday –Monday we all escaped injury. Michael and Maria got over their colds and for the most part Maggie and I avoided it. We got it a little but not nearly as bad as they did.

Thank you mom for helping out during the work hours and shuffling the kids to their day time destinations, I couldn’t have done it without you.

After hours we did the chores that needed to be done. Played with the kittens, hung out, did soccer practice and gymnastics, and on Sunday caught “Cars??? at the cheap theatre.

I discovered Maria is a bona-fide PS2 junkie. She needs help. We’re going to get her admitted into PS2A meetings ASAP.

Maggie is a very good cook for only 11 years old. She took care of us when we didn’t eat out. Pancakes rule!

It was all good until Maria’s Tuesday’s soccer practice. About 5 minutes into it Michael and Maggie went off to kick a soccer ball. Maggie came back to sit down next to me holding her arm in tears. From the looks of things it appeared she had either broken her arm or wrist. It wasn’t good, and it was swelling pretty quickly. I went and got ice from the concession stand and surveyed my options.

If it was broken it wasn’t broken badly, but she was in pain. Maria’s practice still had 45 minutes to do. Perhaps she just hyper extended her wrist; I’m not a Dr. though I have broken an arm and a few bones and Michael has put us through plenty of these experiences. So I’ve seen my share.

I thought I’d hold out for a bit and she how she reacted. It didn’t take long and she decided it was bad enough to go to the hospital.

I rounded up the stuff, and headed to Children’s Hospital and called my parents to have them meet me to watch Michael and Maria so I could stay with Maggie.

All told it went pretty smooth. From approximately a 6pm check in to a 10pm check out we were done. X-Rays negative for a break, though there is a possibility that she has a growth plate break in her wrist, it appears to be a bad sprain from a hyper extension.

She’s in a splint for 3 days to see how she does.

Kittens, Oh My

Ok, so we started out with (1) Barn cat/kitten. Then we had this stray just hanging around.

Well, of course, why not? Why not just dump a load of kittens in the pool house.


5, count them FIVE, little kittens, all cute and cuddly, now needing a home. Though I think we’ll keep one of the calico looking variety as yet another barn cat.

The mother has since taken off as they are of age that they no longer need her. Good for her as she was a pain in the rear and not very social. The kittens however have been handled since day one and are very plump and healthy.


If you’re in the market for a kitten, let us know. FREE to a good home.