Bengals, Oh my…

Bengals finish 8-8, right where they belong.

Is Ratliff the absolute worst kick returner in the NFL? I think he might be.

Marvin will say “We didn’t take care of business, or we didn’t play hard enough”. I think we got all we could get with what we have.

We’ll be paying close attention to what happens in the off-season. The Bengals need a few less thugs, a few more players with heart and attitude and perhaps a kicker.


Even more ironic, is the fact that KC won and the Niners upset Denver, the two things the Bungles needed to make the playoffs.

Honestly, I’m happy with this outcome.  The Bengals would have only embarrassed us further I think had the squeeked in.  Now they have a the full off-season to plan their moves.