Who Dey! 3-0

Who Dey! Not the Pissburgh Stealers that’s who.

This weekend a group of (4) outstanding, and classy Cincinnati Bengal fans made the trip to Pittsburg to see the game and get what’s owed to us.

It was a guy thing so we had a lot of fun. Headed up Saturday, dropped off our stuff at the Hilton, went to Ruth Chris for a most delicious steak, then out to a bar (ended up being the bar at the Cheesecake factory of all places) then to see Jackass Two.

Yeah, guy stuff.

Then Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Hit the buffet at the hotel and wandered over to Stealer (yes that’s spelled right) territory.

Let me tell you… For the most part, football fans are football fans there are jerks everywhere, but Pittsburg has way more than their fair share.

A little hooting and hollering is expected. It’s all about the rivalry. Nothing wrong with being proud of your team, or even being pompous, hat too is expected.

But here’s the problem, being rude and vulgar to visiting fans, calling them f*ing garbage, is totally classless. The biggest part of this is it never happens where there is more than one Bengal fan around, but if you happen to find yourself alone, prepare to just get hammered with white-trash, insults. It doesn’t matter if kids are around.

There were Bengal fans that got egged walking to the game, totally lame. I thought Cleveland was trashy… Pittsburgh set a new low.

But we got what we came for. We are 3-0 while they are 1-2

We live for the now, they rest on their laurels of 5 super bowls. Don’t get me wrong. We’d love to have 5. But (4) of those happened back before these retard fans could even walk back in the 70’s. Maybe they’ll figure that out some day.

Let them continue to live in the past. I think the best part about it all was listening to Pittsburg radio on the way out of town. They are already after Cower…


Photos of our adventure can be found here.

I will give Pittsburgh this. They got a way better deal on their stadium. Heinz field to be renamed Marvin Lewis Field for 2007 because Marvin is 3-1 there. Is nicer than Paul Brown and cost about 150 million less too.