Glock Race Gun-Phase (3) Better News.

Alright after the mighty FAIL that was mounting that regular C-More Slide ride to the top of  My G17 with that ‘The Accessories’ Mount.  (Which is for sale by the way).

I switched gears, did some horse trading, and got the rest of my package and now we have this:


Improvements include:

  • LoneWolf Stainless Steel Match Barrel, locks up good-n-tight, threaded. (nabbed of ebay since LoneWolf was out of stock, good thing cause I saved a few bones).
  • LoneWolf Compensator
  • C-more STS 7MOA red dot.   I like it, but I also like my dots to look like dots and not ‘fish’.   I’m a little disappointed in the shape of this dot.  My TruGlo Red-Dot on the Ruger has a better defined Dot.
  • A Lonewolf (new design) Skeletonized Steel Striker and 4lb spring to further sharpen the trigger.Striker

So I swapped out the components, installed the barrel and comp, installed the sight, got all giddy, grabbed some ammo and headed to the range.

Bummer, the gun wouldn’t cycle.   I was skeptical when I bought the compensator because of the note on the product: “We highly recommend the use of LWD stainless guide rod and ISMI reduced power recoil springs with this product. Light loads or reduced power ammunition may not run reliably.

Well pfft, I already have an 11lb ISMI spring, on a captured stainless guide rod. I looked and ISMI doesn’t seem to make a 10 but I’ve inquired.  I know my loads are a little light but they aren’t super-light.

So back to the house, crank out 20 or so loads more loads with .5 more grains and grab a box of factory ammo.  Back to the range.  (Sure is nice that the range is in my back yard).

Some success but still not enough success, not even the factory Federal Red-box ran to my satisfaction.   So I called up Jeff, and talked it over with him.

I verified that I am running an 11lb spring.  Cranked out another 25 rounds with nearly a grain more than my standard round that cycled the gun perfectly before. Back to the range to test.

I giggled inside.   This thing is awesome.  

Now next up is the slide lightening.  Actually it involves getting a new LoneWolf Slide, one that hopefully is cut to using their Skeleton pattern.

Though I’m trying to get a feel for just how much weight savings that is.  Hopefully the lonewolf guy can answer that.  I’d surely hate to spend the coin and end up with insignificant savings.  I am also considering just strategically swish cheezing my factory slide.  Holes, lots of holes.

G17 SuperSlide


There is still work to be done, but for now I should have ‘enough’ open gun to start making a couple guys sweat.   We’ll find out Saturday.  I wish I had more time to test, hope I don’t lay a big egg. Smile

Glock Race Gun-Phase (2) Bad news.

Ugh, this is unfortunate.

I shot the Ghetto bottom feeder Glock ‘open gun’ friday night.   Other than some dry fire practice it hadn’t been shot previously.  At this time the only thing that makes it open is the cmore.  Parts (Barrel, Compensator and other go fast parts) have been ordered but they have yet to arrive.

Stage 1, and Stage 2 went pretty well.   I was happy.   Then it happened on stage 3, a malfunction.   Tap-Rack and go.  I noticed I got a live round and an empty case. Hrm…

Then Saturday while shooting a bit at the range with a buddy I brought it out to show him.   He shot it and was kind of excited.  I shot it a couple time and again had a couple of issues.

Then Molly showed up and she wanted to shoot it so I sat back and watched.


Sadly she too had a couple malfunctions and it was clear, the cartridge were being ejected straight into the Cmore, even though it was offset quite a bit.

About 1 in 20 times it would bounce straight back down into the chamber area and jam things up.   I wasn’t happy with this mount to begin with but am not excited about a mount that requires me to alter the frame.   So if you have a good source for a mount that allows me to use this Cmore rotated 90 degrees and doesn’t require me to modify the frame let me know.

Otherwise the plan now is to go slide mount with a smaller optic.

More as this unfolds.