Haze is MIA

Haze our trusty barn cat is MIA 🙁

He hasn’t been seen since last weekend. He’s our out door hanging around cat that’s very social.

He doesn’t have a collar and usually doesn’t wander too far, but… He and Jake don’t like each other much so he may have moved on.


Haze is back :), what happened was this…  His safety net, the table on the back porch which was out of the reach of the dogs, and where his food was normally kept, was dismantled and taken down.  That left him feeling like we were feeding him to the dogs or something.   We replaced that table with another and he’s happily napping in his box on the table again.


I found some photos I took of Haze (formerly Hazel but since SHE turned out to be a HE the name has changed).

We started 5 Kittens, one died for no apparent reason, one got stepped on by a horse, another passed perhaps because Haze play’s kind of hard, and two decided to try and swim in the horse’s watering trough.

In any event, they were barn cats, and as Dave at work says, barn cats have a life expectancy of next to nothing, especially when they are kittens.

Haze is still hanging around though.

Cat and Kittens Gallery on Google.