AK Steel Workers, Someone please explain this to me.

Now I realize you guys are contractually obligated to protest, or picket or hang out at the entrance of AK Steel and show your dissatisfaction with the whole contract thing since you are in the union and are locked out.

But if you want people to take you seriously you could show a little professionalism.

I mean, it’s not supposed to be a big party on the corner there. I realize you need some comforts. A barrel or two to build a fire for the chilly nights, an awning to keep the sun off you, after all it has been hotter than hell and there have been some heat warnings.

Yesterday I rode by and saw guys playing corn hole, and one guy standing out there in shorty shorts. Nothing but shorty shorts. Tan as tan can be, like he just returned from a Caribbean vacation. He looked like he was having a pretty good time too.

This thing is dragging on and nobody likes it. Your corner hang outs are starting to look like homeless shanties, but the folks hanging out there look like they are ready for a NASCAR race. You don’t look all that dissatisfied to be there. I haven’t seen anyone carrying a sign, or banner in months.

I’m not going to get into who’s right or who’s wrong or whose taking advantage of whom in this whole mess. But the least you folks could do is look and act respectable while you’re protesting the lock out. I would be more inclined to have sympathy for your cause if you did.

If you have absolutely nothing better to do but hang out and catch a tan at the picket line, then there is something seriously wrong with your outlook. You will look good with that tan though, when you’re interviewing for your next job if and when AK breaks the union because it doesn’t appear that they take you guys seriously either.

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