All you can eat meat.

Once a month we have a maintenance night at work. This means work is generally over at 5pm, but we have to wait until 8pm or so to start updating machines with patches, installing software, and making configuration changes.

I normally take the guys out to eat since we generally work late (till midnight or so). We’ve been hitting Outback since it’s close and generally not to expensive. This week we had a special guest for maintenance night so we decided to do something different.

“All you can eat Meat, at Amor de Brazil.”

If you haven’t been you should go. It’s not cheap. For the 4 of us the bill was $250 and we didn’t drink much, in fact I’m the only one who had a beer. Perrier water apparently costs the same as beer.

We arrived early about ten minutes until 5pm. They technically don’t open until 5 so we were invited to hang out in the “wine resort” which is a fancy name for the bar.

Jason filled us in on what to expect, and layed down the rules.

Rule 1: Don’t fall for the salad bar. Like all all you can eat places they entice you to fill up at the salad bar so you’ll eat less.

Rule 2: Don’t fill up on bread either. They have these awesome bite size cheezy bread things to of course fill you up.

Rule 3: Go green or go home. You’re given this coaster that has two sides a green side and a red side. Green means “bring me some meat”, red means “No more”. Keep it on green.

Of course we all started with a fairly simple salad bar trip. They have some pretty amazing things on the bar; fresh shrimp, salmon; good cheeses, some other uncooked things, and stuff I can’t pronounce or even describe. It was all good though. None the less we didn’t fill up on any of this.

For the sides, they bring you some fancy triangle shaped corn bread, some mashed potatoes and some magical fried banana things that were awesome.

And then of course the meet.

Rule 4: Anything wrapped in bacon is good.

Bacon wrapped filet, and bacon wrapped chicken, all good.

They had some flank steak, garlic steak, top sirloin and some other steak which I forgot.

At least three different pork offerings, and of course lamb.

The finely dressed gaucho fellas bring the skewer of meat to your table, if you’re green, you get a slice or a piece or two or three. If you’re read, they don’t.

Between the 4 of us I bet we consumed about 8lbs of meat. We ate until we couldn’t then we ate a little more. Had to get our money’s worth and we did just that.

Amor de Brazil is worth the trip. Go hungry, go green or go home. 🙂