Claudine’s new heater.

Claudine has hinted around, asked for, and basically used passive aggressive techniques to indicate that she wanted her “Own” Glock 34, which is what she mostly shoots when she shoots production, IDPA, or what ever.   She was also quite clear that she wanted a pink or purple gun.  Of course I always told her; “Hell no, that’s dumb, once you paint it you can’t ever go back, why would you do that?”

So for her birthday I decided to hook her up.


How this all fell into place.

1) I used my GSSF Annual purchase discount to buy a Glock 34 ($695 list but they can generally be found for around $600).   The GSSF price was $507, so that’s a pretty darn good deal.  If you’re not aware, GSSF is Glocks Sport Shooting Foundation It’s Glock’s sporting arm.  In order to shoot in a Glock sponsored match you need to join the GSSF.  One of the benefits is the ability to purchase 1 gun a year per membership after your first year at a reduced price.  What they don’t make clear is that nobody knows how to do this.  Most dealers don’t.   What you are essentially buying is a Glock “blue label” gun, or a gun for and at law enforcement discounts.    There aren’t many Glock LEO dealers around.   Of course there is TargetWorld, but when I asked them about it they looked at me like I had 3 heads, even though they do the indoor GSSF shoot there.    Skipping to the chase, you can also buy them from Miami Valley Shooting Grounds.  So I talked to Dana the owner and made the trip.   The purchase was simple.

2) Even thought the Gen 34 has a better ‘trigger’ than most, I still did my magic.  Connector, polishing, springs.   Trigger is at a true, solid 3.2 lbs.

3) Added the green high-viz sight that Claudine says she prefers.

4) Converted this Gen 4 to use a Gen 3 recoil spring.   New guide rod, spring and adapter thingy.   We tune our loads and need/want tune-ability and that’s not currently readily available for the Gen 4 with their new double-recoil spring set up.

Once I had prepped it and done what I do, I handed it off to my buddy for paint. He used Duracoat Firearm Finish (paint), hard ass enamel like paint.

Colors used on this gun:
Frame: Lars Larson Commie Pinko
Slide:  Goddess Purple

My buddy Jeff painted it up and it was done a few weeks ago.  If you’d like a gun painted reach out to him:  jeffsteley[at]  His standard pricing is:

Single color 100.00
2 tone 150.00
Revolvers (needs quoting)

The picture doesn’t really do the purple justice.   It’s a sweet nice dark purple.  I felt like a pink slide would be too distracting hence the darker color up top.   Some people find Glock frame’s a bit slippery and the DuraCoat doesn’t help hence the grip thingy.

So there you have it.  Yes men, I bought my wife a gun for her birthday.  No I did not buy a vacuum cleaner, which is what we really need.   She genuinely seems to like it.  I have not been threatened or penalized in any way for doing this. Smile

But Claudine is a special person/wife.  So that might have something to do with it.

Love you honey.  But yes, your gun was in the house under your nose for the last 3 weeks.  And yes you came downstairs and sat next to me and carried on a discussion while I did the trigger job.   Though it wasn’t yet pink.  Smile