World Market, redefining customer service.


It’s not very often that you find exceptional customer service. In fact it’s nearly impossible today.

Being a call it as I see it person, I have no problem ripping a company on the blog if they deserve it. Which means when I come across someone, or some company that really went the extra mile we should give them their due.

A couple of weeks ago we bought a new dining room table. We purchased said table from World Market.

This table in fact: The Sourav Dining Table

349460 SouravTable82 DFL

We lucked into it on sale. No we didn’t really need a table, but that’s beside the point. We stuffed it in the Excursion and brought it home. Setup was painless, it’s just a HUGE table top and four legs.

The rustic/antique look goes perfect with our old farm house. The chairs we already owned matched it pretty well.

Fast forward about 2 weeks. We noticed a crack starting at one end of the table right in the middle. The top is basically 3 large boards and this crack was splitting the table right in the middle of one of the boards, not at a joint. When I first saw it I didn’t care that much, it added character. But my wife really didn’t like the fact that you could look through this crack and see the floor.

I immediately started dreading taking this 8 foot table apart, putting it in the Excursion, taking it to World Market and getting into a fight.

My wife called World Market, explained the situation and they said ‘No Problem’, we’ll take care of it.

What? Did I hear that right?

Yes, they ordered in another table, are delivering it (this is a 45 minute drive, not like it’s down the street) and picking up the old table. It took them a week to get the new table in, and we’re being flexible as to delivery. This time of year is busy for everyone.

So at the time of this writing, we don’t actually have a new table, but World Market is being very, very accommodating.

They will certainly get more of our business in the future.