Premature Pool Closing

Well, it wasn’t by design.

Bear in mind that I wasn’t there so I’m relaying this third party. Apparently Claudine went out to investigate why the level of the pool was lower than usual. She went to check the pump area, the area where normally a hose pops loose or something of that nature.

There she discovered, water bubbling up from under the pool. We had our very own chlorinated spring. She was able to feel up under the edge of the pool and feel a hole about the size of her finger and she called me and asked me what to do about it.

I said “Patch it???. Go to the pool store, they sell underwater patches.

So off to the store they went. Apparently Claudine couldn’t stay underwater to get the patch applied so she sent Michael into the pool. He got the patch on the hole. As he climbed out, Maggie screamed something to the affect, “It’s getting bigger!??? and away it went. The hole just grew until…

Well, I haven’t seen it yet, but apparently it only took 30 minutes to drain the pool. That’s not a good thing.

Apparently the moles decided they didn’t like living under our pool anymore and came up for air, as the liner fell into a mole run, they decided it was in the way and poked through it causing the hole, something like that.

Photos later.

Perhaps next year or the year after, we’ll go with an in-ground pool, something with a harder liner.