EOM Days 3 & 4

Saturday, The rain had stopped sometime in the middle of the night. There was still a little wetness out and about. We were up and ready to roll by 7:30, in time for the ‘Riders Meeting’:

IMG 0013

There were two roads that focused on twisties, puckered sphincter, and puckered sphincter south. We elected to take the latter. A lot of folks were looking for a more leisure ride, so the three of us took off as a group.

Unfortunately my eye flared up pretty badly. I still suffer from recurrent erosions, from a dirt bike incident over 6 years ago. Usually I just need to lay down horizontally and keep that eye closed for 5 to 10 minutes but I couldn’t get it to stop hurting or watering. We took off anyway. It had acted up a little bit on Friday, but by the time we got down the highway to the good roads it had stopped. I figured the same would happen today. It didn’t, so we had to stop for a while near this dam.

IMG 0016

Did I mention it was cold? Friggin cold. But unlike some folks, I didn’t leave my electric gear at home, so I was ok for the most part.

After the stop at the dam we continued south on 20 through Pipestem through Rocky Gap

IMG 0019

IMG 0022


and west on 61. We took a side road up and over a mountain (623), I highly recommend this road. It’s as good as ‘the gap’ just as twisty and freshly paved. In the middle of Burkes Garden you’ll find a nice country store. The lady running it won’t win any prices for hospitality though.

We showed up there at 10:30am. Inside there was a sign that said ask about sandwiches…

IMG 0029

So I asked “What kind of sandwiches do you have?”, her response was “Nothing until 11am”. Well crap…

About 8 bikes passed us when we were dealing with my eye at the dam. We caught up with them at the store. Most of them bought something there, either a drink or a snack or something. She seriously looked and acted like we were messing up her whole day by visiting the store.

I asked Dad and Joe what they wanted to do? We could get something to eat down the road in the next town. When she heard this she said she could fix us a sandwich, if we wanted cold cuts.

Turned out the chicken salad was really good.

IMG 0028

It was still a bit chilly but the views were absolutely stunning.

From there we headed back out 623, and again west on 61 to 16 through Hungry Mother State Park, then east on 11 to 52.

52 was absolutely amazing. It followed a creek, most of the road was covered and some of the trees had already started to turn.

IMG 0032

IMG 0033

While it wasn’t a highly technical road, it was an excellent ride! From there back through Rocky Gap, out 420 to 219 and back to Lynchburg. A nice 320 mile day.

The EOM Dinner was Saturday evening. The food was outstanding for a buffet, and as always there was a plethora of door prizes.

IMG 0048


Sunday started out much the same except the fog was thick and seemed to be hanging around. Sundays ride would the ‘puckered north route’ which was really the ‘west’ route, but I digress.

IMG 0051

We started off with breakfast at Bob Evans to give the fog some time to burn off. This time we picked up a 4th rider, Duane from Cleveland. He thought for sure the Bengals would beat up the Browns but I kept explaining to him that this is exactly the kind of the game that the Bengals will blow. And apparently that’s exactly what they did.

Again we headed out 64 West to Sandstone, south on 20, but West on 3 to 19. Then 19 to 16 North.

We stopped in ‘War, WV” for lunch at this little hole in the wall called The Lunch Box Cafe. Calling it a hole in the wall is being kind.

IMG 0055

We were sent there by a couple riders who had eaten there the day before and recommend it for the ambiance.

They were lucky, they got to sit in the main dinning area at the bar. (Which only sat 4 people) Since those spots were taken the ‘cleared a booth for us in the dining room’ aka storage/closet.

IMG 0057

The menu was literally scribbled on paper.

IMG 0058

Apparently they didn’t know much about them com-pute-tors.

The food wasn’t bad for what it was. Joe wasn’t impressed at all. That’s because he didn’t get bacon 🙂

It’s worth a trip if you’re in the area for the humor alone.

The front area was this big:

IMG 0059

Literally 4 seats and that’s it. I’m standing in the corner to get a photo of the whole thing.

Out of War we continued north on 19 to 99, then east on 64 back to the hotel. Another 300 mile day of riding really good roads.

At the end of the day the EOM crew were doing Throttle body syncs. For the most part it looked like the blind leading the blind. There was a lot of confusion happening. I know one guy’s AE didn’t run so well after being ‘tinkered’ with. I’m not saying doing a TBS is a bad thing, but doing it in a parking lot with 82 other folks some of who may not actually know what they are doing isn’t a good thing.

IMG 0064

The ride back on Monday was fairly uneventful. We took the shortest route this time which included mostly highway.

IMG 0068

It was another near perfect day and the perfect ending to a near perfect trip. (Had it not rained Friday it would have been perfect).

Till next year…





EOM Days 1 & 2

The 2007 EOM trip is well underway…

We all met up Thursday at 7:15am at Bob Evans, had a great breakfast than hit the road. Participants in this ride were Dad, myself, Joe, Adrian, and Nate from Indiana.

IMG 0001

4 FJR’s and a BMW. We headed out on the calculated route, hitting twisties where ever possible.

We made good time and stopped in Gauley for lunch at the Glen Ferris Hotel. It was interesting to say the least. Lunch was OK, and they were sssllloooowww. It was a quaint little place, a lot like the golden lamb in Lebanon, but without the class. After lunch Adrian split form the pack to get his tires changed at a dealer in Princeton.

IMG 0002

From there we stopped at the New River Bridge… We started to ride down to the bottom but Mr. Garmin kept routing us in circles over gravel roads so we bagged that idea and headed for the Briar Inn.

IMG 0007

We got to the hotel around 4:30pm or so, checked in, relaxed a little bit, BS’d with a few folks then headed out to dinner at the Ruby Tuesdays.

After dinner, there was plenty of bench racing and chit chat. We turned in with a plan to hit the short route on Friday because the weather showed rain moving in. 🙁

We hit the parking lot at 8am and rolled out around 8:15, heading west and north hoping to hold off the rain as long as possible.

We ended up running up 220 north to Hot Springs then back down the mountain.

IMG 0012

IMG 0011

220 was awesome!. On the way back down the hill just as we started heading towards 311 it started to rain, just a sprinkle but it was coming.

18 was a good road but with the wetness it wasn’t in our interest to ride hard so we took it easy. The longer we road the more it rained. We got to 311 and decided to press on up and over the mountain. Towards the top of the mountain we ran into some pretty intense fog. Down the other side in New Castle, we decided we needed a break from the rain and decided to get lunch. We asked a few locals where we should eat and they directed us to Pine Top restaurant. We all had the buffet which wasn’t too bad all in all.

The ride back to the Briar Inn was horrible, constant rain. The Frog Toggs worked great, the only part of me that got wet was my hands. Both set of ‘water proof’ gloves turned out to be not so water proof. Time to order some Aerostitch triple digits.

More later…

FJR Eastern Owners Meet Boone, NC

Wow, what fun.

Boone 01

There’s little better in life than spending a weekend doing what you really enjoy with a bunch of other people doing the same.

Boone 02

Last weekend was a medium to large (depending on how you want to look at it) get together of owners of the same bike that I have. The Yamaha FJR 1300, sport-touring motorcycle or “super sport-touring??? as Yamaha marketing would have you believe.

The get together was in Boone, N.C. simply a wonderful place for riding. The roads were delicious.

For those that don’t understand what sport-touring is and think we all ride one of those dang crotch rockets, you’re only half right. You see those dang crotch rockets do a couple things really well. The go fast in a straight line, and they corner very, very well. The problem is, you can’t ride them very long. The slumped over the tank riding position isn’t conducive to ride from say Cincinnati to oh, Boone, N.C. and be able to walk when you get there.

A true touring bike like oh, say a GoldWing is much more comfortable. It has all the creature comforts of your lazy boy at home. In fact it’s a lot like riding a lazy boy, and they handle about as well too. (OK, so there are some guys out there than can flop those things around pretty good, but for the most part, that’s the reality).

Sport-touring is the in-between; it’s some sport-with some comfort too. We typically ride to where we’re going. So when we get there we want to be able to walk. But we want to enjoy the roads and have fun too.

The FJR is pretty good at this.

Boone 03

My trip started Thursday morning, though not as early as the guy I was meeting. Kevin’s day started at 5:00am CST. Coming from Birmingham Alabama, Kevin was aiming to do an Iron Butt, Saddle Sore ride. (1000 miles in 24 hours.) Since Birmingham isn’t 1000 miles away from Boone, that led to a rather interesting route.

I met Kevin in Frankfort, KY, about ½ way through is adventure and we slabbed it on down to Boone, N.C. from there.

I was supposed to meet him at noon, even though I knew he wouldn’t be there until 1pm, and he wasn’t there until almost 2pm. Fact: Streets and Trips doesn’t lie.

We arrived in Boone, N.C. at 1am EST. It was a long ride of boring interstate, except for I-40, that’s not boring interstate, and the evening really livened up when the fog rolled in. (Yippee).

The next 2 and days were spent surrounded by great folks, great food, and outstanding roads.

There were folks from all over, as far north as Canada eh?, as far west as Texas, and as far south as Florida.

All in all I added a little over 2000 miles to the FJR this weekend and except for the initial 600 miles the rest were in twisties or secondary highways. It was all good, even the ride home.

Photos in the gallery: