AutoPalooza at the Disher’s household.

Molly now has new wheels.

She saved her money and took advantage of the the 401-Disher Auto matching funds.  Well almost.   We’re in a Co-Ownership position at the moment.

But she now has a car with AC and it’s a convertible, and it’s an automatic since driving a manual really wasn’t going to be part of her long-term auto strategy.   I’m sure she would eventually master it, she’s usually good at just about everything she does.  Except bowling.  I’m afraid, driving a manual might be just like bowling. Winking smile


Just look at that smirk on the test drive.   This was the car.


Viola, another one-owner, below blue-book find.  Though not much below, this was a well taken care of car with 87k original miles.

Fun times ahead.