Bengals 3-0 in the pre-season


3-0 Three and Oh. Yeah, it’s still the pre-season and all but all three wins have been pretty impressive. Well, win #3 the Bengal’s looked about as good as Bret Farve looked bad.

But Carson is back and he’s for real and it’s better than where Pittsburg sits, which is 0-3.
Chad has been put on ice, this pre-season. I suspect their giving him a little attitude adjustment, helping him grow up just a little bit.

Rudy, however has not impressed, he’s clearly a north – south runner and hasn’t put to many yards down. He needs a few moves. Is it him, or the line? I don’t think it’s the line. Some of the younger guys look good, real good.

How big would a 4-0 preseason be? HUGE, given the schedule they face this year. Unbelievably big, the one’s that say “It’s only pre-season, are the ones with 2-2 or losing records???. It would be HUGE for the Bengals, period. To put Indianapolis in their place would be big, very, very big. It would set a tone in the league.

Here’s to next Friday, let’s see what they’ve got.