I missed my calling… :)

Andy HiRes 05

I should have been a boxer…

I picked up Fight Night Round 3 for the PS3 yesterday after a brief preview the other night.

I can’t remember when I’ve had this much fun. Now that I’ve beat a number, like 30, computer opponents and my son a couple times. Perhaps I’ll have to try it online 😉

The last boxing game I played (test runs with Wii boxing don’t count) was the original “Punch-Out” (see Wikipedia) arcade game. 🙂 This is far superior as you might expect.

You can jump into the ring in any weight class and pair any two boxers. Additionally career mode is a ton of fun. The training section (and you need to train for every fight) is a tad weak. But it’s a blast to play.

I highly recommend this game, even if fighting isn’t your style.