Rest easy Bengals fans, Marvin says; “We’re Fine”

All Bengals Fans know Marvin Lewis is “The Man???. But we also know he’s a pathological liar as well. There’s nothing wrong with being tight lipped at a press conference, or forever being the optimist.

But come on Marvin, for crying out loud. (pull)“We’re fine, we’re onto the Baltimore Ravins. It’s an important game for us.???(/pull)

Well no kidding, important? Yep. Critical more like it, A lost to Baltimore would be dare I say it, very upsetting, but a win could right the ship and fix a lot of things. Yes winning does calm the savage Bengals fans. But we’re not stupid Marvin. We’ve noticed that even our wins this year haven’t come as easily as they should.

We haven’t put teams away like we should have put them away. Tampa Bay… What was that?

We could easily be sitting 2 and 5 like Pittsburgh but we’re not. The Steelers game and the Panthers game could have gone the other way very, very easily.

But hey, we’re not, we’re 4-3. Marvin, it’s time to come clean. I can appreciate you not wanting to ‘divulge any secrets’, or ‘feed the upcoming team any info’ and certainly you don’t need to. We have Dave Lapham for that, he explained it on the radio just what your facemask play is. Nice… So if Carson looks over and see’s the DB giving Chad lots of room he touches his face mask. That’s the quick out. Uhuh, nice Dave, thanks for giving that to Baltimore. So pick a new signal this week. Mix it up too so they can’t key on that.

What we want to hear from you at a press conference is to call out the plays, the mistakes, and shoulder some accountability. We know you’ll fix it, we just want to hear it.

I for one am worried. 8-8 is looking good at this point, and 8-8 isn’t getting us in the playoffs this year.

I’m worried that we’re not that good this year. So show us that we are. Show us that that 3-0 start (7-0) with pre-season, and the end of last season, the post season that never happened wasn’t a one time fluke.

I don’t want to hear “We’re Fine??? when it’s clear we are not so fine.