Baby Update

Little Matthew is doing just fine.

We had a slight scare in the beginning. We were seriously concerned about his hearing. The dogs would bark and he wouldn’t flinch or acknowledge any loud sounds. Though at times we clearly felt like he heard us or something. It was never consistant. Of course the Internet scares the hell out of you when you read that parents of children who did turn out to be deaf when through very similar experiences.

At our first opportunity we took him to Childrens for a hearing test. The tests did confirm that his hearing was in fact impaired but also that it was, or appeared fluid based. The mechanics of his hearing were fine.

We were told to follow up with our ENT Dr. and return in 6-8 weeks and repeat the tests.

We’ve been to our Family Dr. and since then things must have opened up for him.

We’re very blessed.

There are more photos in the gallery, though they are lumped in with the previous photos.



Matthew Alexander Disher was born at 11:58pm 12/07/2007

Weighing in at a modest 9 lbs 13 oz

Longer than the measure on the scale, with a full head of hair, and I’m not sure but I think he might be able to walk too 🙂

According to the Dr. he looked to be right at around 42 weeks and not overdone at all.

He arrived right when he meant too.

Claudine and Baby Matthew are doing just fine. We should be home in a few hours.