Saturday Steel May 12th. (Open Gun Update)

First and foremost Maria shot her first match.

She shot the Ruger 22/45 in the Rimfire category and beat some folks!  (9 folks to be exact!)

She’d only shot it previously at our range just a couple of times.

We’re proud of her.


I also shot my new ‘Precious’ G17 Open Gun in Unlimited.   It was it’s first outing.  I was a bit tentative.  The only rounds through it previously were the 80 or so I ran through it to get a load that would cycle it.

I wasn’t that far off the pace set by Jeff so I was pleased.

I followed that up with a DNF at the GSSF meet in Dayton.   (Don’t be like me, case check your ammo people).   I had a bad round that jammed up the gun good, real good.  Had I properly case checked them all I could have avoided that. I didn’t have the tools to unjam it at the match so I had to take a DNF.

Lesson learned.