My Job and why I don’t blog about it.

I have been asked a couple times why I don’t blog about my job.

Well, it’s not because I don’t want too, and it’s not because there isn’t plenty to blog about.

The reality though is that I have to act grown up at work to some degree, and publicly blogging about work simply wouldn’t be prudent.

In some ways that’s a shame too because it’s a really great place to work. There are also plenty of amazing and down right unbelievably hilarious things I could write about, but I’ll save those for later.

In any event, we are hiring. If you’re in the area (greater Cincinnati or Tri-State I suppose) and/or don’t mind relocating.

You should check out our job postings. Hit the career page at

I know we need a few marketing types, a coordinator and public relations person. [Word to the wise, if you can’t write, don’t even think about applying, apparently a lot of people apply for marketing positions that can’t write. It’s not my department or anything, but, you know, people talk and you hear things…]

We’re also looking for software engineers and quality assurance engineers as well. Yes we do need QA people even though there doesn’t seem to be a ad for one.

If you think you might be a fit, drop a resume right away.