Selling Stuff On the Internet.

We’re going to try something new.   No we’re not getting in the e-commerce business per see, but we have some stuff to get rid of.  I’ve spent the last two weekends cleaning out our big barn and I’m only about 20% done.   There’s stuff in there that we’ve had for a long time and is no longer used or needed.

Some of this will go on eBay, some on CraigsList, but for now, we’re going to try and cut out the middleman and see how it goes.

It also looks like I’ll be helping Kyle Jr. part out his dads bike.  Which got me thinking, there has to be a simple and easy way to throw together a simple e-commerce site.  One to publish items for sale, and manage inventory.   When we part out this bike (and other stuff), there’s pretty much only going to be one of everything.  Once it’s sold I want it to just disappear without a lot of head aches or management.

I’m going to give this WordPress plug-in a go (wp-eccommerce).   

The first item is posted on the products page now, it’s a big spool of electrical cable that we purchased for the barn but didn’t use.  (Long story but the bottom line is it’s left over, and I’m tired of looking at it).

I suspect Claudine will want to post some of our used Home Schooling Curriculum that she no longer uses.

There’s simply no sense in paying eBay fees for stuff like that.    So without further adieu…   Our online store is here:  The Product Listing Page.

Make sure to get in touch with the best satellite internet providers when the time will come.

1998 ZX11D For Sale Ready to Ride, Sort of…

Well tit was sold, then I rode it to make sure it was all ready to go..  It wasn’t right.  I eliminated a ton of vacuum issues tonight but it still has one small issue.

It *may* stall after getting off the throttle after being under load…  Grr…


I put Zed my 1998 ZX11D up for sale in June. Other than advertise it on a few motorcycle forums I haven’t been very proactive about selling it.

In fact when I put it up for sale then, it wasn’t ready to ride. It was still in about 900 pieces in my barn.

Until today. The carb issues have been solved, and it’s runs better than it did for the last 10,000 miles that I rode it.

It’s put back together, and I took off that stupid looking (but effective) Givi windscreen. It now looks like you’d expect a ZX-11 to look:

IMG 0100

IMG 0102

The Givi Wingrack is still installed and I have e41 bags that can go with Zed for the right price. The Wingrack is removable, and that’s all that needs to happen to have a ‘stock’ ZX11D. That, and put on the crappy stock back seat on it.

The facts:

– 1998 ZX-11 D model, with approx 25,000 miles.
– near new Michelin Pilot Roads front and rear.
– Bike has two powerlet power adapters installed, one in the dash one on the left side.

What’s wrong with it?
Mechanically? absolutely nothing. It’s ready to ride.

This bike was droped on the left side by the prior (first) owner. He replaced the plastic, but the left can was still all little rashed. I never replaced it because it didn’t bother me. Both could stand to be polished.

I tipped it over on the right side, breaking the single screw tab that holds the right turn signal on. I attempted to epoxy that and it lasted about 2,000 miles. The right turn signal is current held in with hi-tech- black duct-tape. The right fix is beyond my ability to save this panel, but you can get a new upper for around $120 on ebay from time to time.

Other than that, it’s nearly a 10 year old bike that has been ridden. It’s not a garage or park and polish bike. It was ridden, alot, when it was my primary bike. It has dings and scratches that you’d expect on a 10 year old bike.

Price: $3000 Firm, we can negotiate on some of the extras; Givi screen, seat, bags, etc. Looking at ebay that seems fair to a little low for a 98. It will go on eBay soon.

To see what this bike looks like in touring trim, see the prior post.

Please contact: matt(at)

1998 ZX11D for Sale

OK, here’s the dealio…

Zed, is a Black 1998 ZX11

It’s most recent configuration looked like:

(Full Size Photo here: Clicky) More Photos of this bike here: Click

It’s a 98 with approx 25k miles.

Valves were adusted at 20k and were all in spec. I’ve always used synthec oil and good gas.

What’s wrong with it now?

Zed was parked when I got the FJR last year. It had carb issues. I’d had them rebuilt but something still wasn’t right. I purchased a new set on ebay and they are mostly installed. She runs great, but… (it’s leaking gas between two of the carbs). If your mechanically minded, this is a $.50 cent 0-ring that needs to be replaced.

Zed is currently sporting Micky Pilot roads that have about 3/4 of their life left in them.

The bike has been down on the left side (former owner) who replaced all the plastic, but the left can is a little rashed, not enough though for me to have replaced it.

I dropped it in the driveway on the other side, the right side turn signal mounting tab is gone. That light is currently held in with a piece of black duct-tape.

It runs, and runs good.

Differences from this pic include:

It’s a little dirtier 🙂
I’m keeping the top box, but will leave the Givi Wing Rack (or remove it if you wish).
I can negotiate on the e421’s, these bags rock and at some point I’ll put them on the Feejer for their superior storage ability and eas of access to said stuff in them.

Goodies that go with it:

Corbin Seat.
Stock screen, black-smoke speed screen (flip) and the Givi screen pictured.
There are a couple of powerlet power outlets that are installed as well, one in the dash, one behind the riders left leg.
Kawi Service manual.

I bought Zed with 2400 miles, and put a happy 22k on it. Side graded to the FJR becuase Zed is not comfortable at all for my wife.

It would make someone on a budget a very fine ride. I’ve done a couple of saddle sore rides with it. One bone stock and it’s actually pretty comfy, the other in touring trim, which affects its handling a bit when totally loaded down.

$3000 firm, as is.

It’s currently Not ready for the road, it’s top half is apart and mostly re-assembled from the carb issues. I can (and will) put it back together if that’s what someone wants, or give you the parts and show you where everything goes.

I’d probably do better parting it out but I don’t have time.

I can also deliver within 200 miles of Cincy Ohio, give or take.

email: matt (at) if you have any questions.

Chase Harper Millennium Leather Tank Bag For Sale Sold


What we have here is a very nice ‘leather’ Chase Harper Millennium tank bag. Retails for $229.95 on the Chase Harper site, which means street price is somewhere around $179 or so.

I purchased this a couple years ago for the ZX11 but didn’t like how it fit. It’s a magnetic tank bag with sheep goodness to protect your tank. It can be strapped on too with it’s 87 way strapping system and hookups (most are included I do believe).

It is leather, has a aux leather case thingy for sunglasses, change, wallet or what not. The map compartment is two sided and reversible. It’s expandable and has two compartments. (I don’t know if I can find the rain cover).

Why aren’t you keeping it? I’m a very active person on the bike, I like to be able to get into my tank bag while riding to get some candy or what not. This thing is sealed up tight, and not easy to get into while riding. I have never used it, I bought it used, didn’t like the way it sat on the ZX11 and it’s sat in my barn. I cleaned it up a little, it’s dirty and dusty.

I have the original purchasers receipt, he paid $175 for it in 01, I don’t think he used it much if at all. I paid $100 if I recall correctly.

I’m thinking $80 US shipped to somewhere in the contiguous 48 states in the cheapest possible way I can ship it (probably UPS, maybe USPS).

If interested email matt(at)

IMG 0045

IMG 0046

IMG 0047

IMG 0049

Update: Sold