Claudine and the Deer

While we live out in the sticks we rarely see deer.  In the 8 years I’ve been here I’ve only seen them near our place one other time.

A couple of days ago we saw one out by the Horses near the burn pile.  We watched it for a while until it finally meandered into the woods.

This morning it was back.

It certainly wasn’t very big. 

Claudine wondered how close she could get.  So with camera in hand she set out towards it.  Using her Monty Roberts “Horse Whisperer” techniques, she slowly approached and retreated.   It didn’t take long and the little deer was watching her and curious.  It was clear she wasn’t a threat and it eventually walked up to her.  It was alone, and probably looking for someone to hang with.

Eventually she got to pet it (more like rub up against it).

There are more photos in the Deer Gallery.  It was one of those once in a lifetime things.

We kind of hope it sticks around, at least until the garden is planted, then it’s game on if it starts eating the garden.

Haze is MIA

Haze our trusty barn cat is MIA 🙁

He hasn’t been seen since last weekend. He’s our out door hanging around cat that’s very social.

He doesn’t have a collar and usually doesn’t wander too far, but… He and Jake don’t like each other much so he may have moved on.


Haze is back :), what happened was this…  His safety net, the table on the back porch which was out of the reach of the dogs, and where his food was normally kept, was dismantled and taken down.  That left him feeling like we were feeding him to the dogs or something.   We replaced that table with another and he’s happily napping in his box on the table again.

New Addition to the family…

Meet Jake:


Jake is an 8 month old Parson’s Jack Russell, he’s easily 2 times the size of Monty. I personally preferred the short legged Jack Russell’s, but then Jake is a pretty cool dog.

So far these two seem to get along, at least until there’s something they disagree on like a bone.

We’ve had him for 4 days and so far he’s doing great. He was a rescue from a family that had to get rid of him because they weren’t supposed to have a dog in their apartment in the first place.

I think he’s a keeper.

It’s time… :(

Comet, our ~15 year old Golden will be put to rest tomorrow.


He’s basically a walking tumor. He’s old, especially for a Golden his size. He used to weigh 95lbs on an average day.

Comet’s heath hasn’t been the greatest over the past few years. In fact he out lived Katie the Border Collie/Lab Mix. The reason we have Monty the Jack Russell is because we thought we were going to have to put Comet down 3 years ago.

We rescued Comet 12 years ago through the local Golden Rescue. He had been left outside during a blizzard and chained to a tree during some pretty harsh conditions.

He has been an excellent dog, great with all of our kids.

He will be missed.


I found some photos I took of Haze (formerly Hazel but since SHE turned out to be a HE the name has changed).

We started 5 Kittens, one died for no apparent reason, one got stepped on by a horse, another passed perhaps because Haze play’s kind of hard, and two decided to try and swim in the horse’s watering trough.

In any event, they were barn cats, and as Dave at work says, barn cats have a life expectancy of next to nothing, especially when they are kittens.

Haze is still hanging around though.

Cat and Kittens Gallery on Google.