We took some photos of Maggie on Saturday.   Sort of Senior photos phase 1.

She’s all grown up and stuff.



Mo betta server hardware. has moved. The hardware that was hosted on was an old 1ghz, AMD Athlon. It was the ‘stuff’ back in the day almost 10 years ago? It was originally my hot machine for playing Tribes!, (there’s 2 years of my life I’ll never get back).

But as we’ve gotten to the world of Internet 2.0 with graphically rich web sites, and more .php processing required for things like the gallery. It was time to move this site to something a little better. The box it’s on now is 3 years old, but it’s still about 4x the power (if not more) than the box that replaced it.

Things should be mo betta, and mo faster.

DNS’s around the world are updating as we speak. Life is good.