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CIO – IT / Networking Professional

“Making Networking Great Again!” with Juniper Networks.  I cover the commercial accounts in Ohio and Kentucky as a pre-sales systems engineer.

CIO of Seapine Software, Inc. where we made ALM Great Again.


(Please drop me a note below or email me directly ( for an up-to-date resume).

If you have a need for someone like me and the position you have is more challenging than the one I’m in now. We should probably talk.

CIO /IT Professional Profile:

  • Global experience, working with offices in the UK, and Munich, Germany.  Consultants in APAC and South Africa.
  • Focus on hiring, training and retention.  Helping those that are willing and able to be ready.  Helping mentor those that are willing and ready to be able, and motivating those who are able and ready to be willing.
  • Broad IT and industry knowledge, able to ramp up quickly in any specific area.
  • Excellent relationship and communication skills.
  • I tend to be very passionate about my tasks and endeavor to lead by example.


  • 27 years and counting in Information Technology and Software Development.
  • Experienced in small to medium sized organizations including start-up companies.


  • Most Microsoft technologies and infrastructures including Active Directory, Exchange, and Microsoft SQL Server
  • Virtualization, both VMWare and Hyper-V
  • Microsoft Azure Technologies.
  • Operating systems: Windows, OS X, and Linux.
  • Programming: C/C++, PHP, VB, light .Net C#
  • Cisco IOS, routing, switching and security.
  • Juniper, JNCIA-JUNOS.
  • SQL, SQL Reporting and Business Intelligence.
  • ALM Tools (Specifically Seapine tools).
  • Web Technologies: html, css, php, apache, IIS, mysql, hosting.
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Technologies.


  • Multi-Rotors, Quadcopters and UAV’s
  • Motorcycling, Sport-Touring and Endurance riding specifically.
  • Natural Horsemanship.
  • Competition speed shooting.
  • Losing to my son at PS3 and now PS4 (both of them).
  • The occasional game of golf and racquetball.
  • Losing in cards to my daughter Molly, she deals a mean game of ‘Speed’ and Maria who can beat anyone, even Rain-man, at Rat-A-Tat-Cat.
  • Supporting my daughter Maria with her love of horses and shooting, and Molly too, they both beat very good shooters regularly.
  • Listening to Maggie Play Piano, and eating her incredible fish tacos.
  • Just about anything IT related, but no I won’t fix your personal computer.
  • Sacking out in the hammock with my dogs; Monty and Emma.
  • All forms of Racing (NASCAR/Motocross/Race-to-Dakar)

Contact Info:

Cell: 513.673.5163

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